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Senate President on Senate approval of classroom funding reform (SB231)

jjc sb231SPRINGFIELD - Statement from Illinois Senate President John J. Cullerton regarding approval of SB 231, which reforms the state’s classroom funding formula.

“Today marks a significant step forward in creating a new classroom funding formula that recognizes the real needs of students across Illinois.

For too many children in too many communities, their paths to excellence are blocked by the existing school finance system that shortchanges their schools and fails to provide needed resources. It’s an injustice we’ve tolerated too long.

Steans, Trotter: Cannot let Illinois become next Flint

steans trotter leadGrowing national concerns about lead contamination inspired State Senators Heather Steans and Donne Trotter to preemptively sponsor proposals to address the dangerous heavy metal in drinking water and buildings.

Illinois has the second highest prevalence of lead poisoning in the country, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).

"We cannot let what's happening in Flint happen here," said Sen. Steans (D-Chicago). "The Flint crisis has diminished the public's trust in our drinking water, particularly in low-income areas, and exposed the flaws in our own system. Improving our water infrastructure can help restore the trust in our drinking water system and make it safer for all people of Illinois."

Collins’ plan would ban car insurance from looking at credit scores

Collins' plan would ban car insurance from looking at credit scoresYour credit score determines a lot more than whether you qualify for a loan. What many consumers don’t know is that it plays a major role in determining how much you pay for car insurance.

Consumer Reports published a study of insurance rates in its September 2015 issue, and its research shows that in many cases, a driver’s credit score is an even more important factor than his or her driving record. Unbelievably, in Illinois, a person with a clean driving record but poor credit pays, on average, 51 percent more for car insurance than a person with a DUI conviction but excellent credit.

Senate votes to restore more higher education funding

mapoverridePublic universities and community colleges across Illinois would see a substantial portion of their state funding reinstated under legislation the Illinois Senate approved Wednesday.

Senator Donne Trotter (D-Chicago) led efforts to restore $453.4 million in higher education funding. Included is $46 million for the popular student assistance program known as MAP, which provides assistance for low-income college students.