UPDATE: Senate passes first budget bills for Fiscal Year 2014

steans kotowski

5.30.13 UPDATE

Senate Democrats passed three additional spending bills today, allocating funds to make the full pension payment and providing funds to support human service agencies and Medicaid. House Bills 206, 208 and 213 passed the Senate and are on their way to the governor for his approval.

The Senate has two additional spending bills to consider before passing a complete budget for Fiscal Year 2014.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the FY 2014 spending plan.


Senate Democrats took the first step in passing a comprehensive budget for Fiscal Year 2014 today by passing two budget bills dealing with education.

Senate Bill 2555 contains funding for preschool through high school education. In this spending plan, education funding is held flat from last year, preventing proposed budget cuts by the governor that would reduce resources in the classroom.

Additionally, the Senate passed Senate Bill 2556, which includes funding for higher educational facilities throughout the state. Similarly to P-12 education, higher education funding is held flat from last year, ending several years of cuts to Illinois’ public universities.

Both budget bills passed by the Senate today protect education funding and reflect the priorities of the Senate Democrats to ensure children throughout the state have access to quality public education and affordable higher education.

In the coming days, the Senate will consider spending plans for Medicaid, public safety programs and other state agencies.