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Raoul legislation requires police to videotape interrogations for serious offenses

Raoul-InterrogationsThe General Assembly approved legislation sponsored by State Senator Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago 13th) to expand the practice of videotaping police interrogations, particularly for serious felony offenses.

“Recording a custodial interrogation protects both the suspect being questioned and the officers doing the questioning,” Raoul said. “It allows judge and juries to see for themselves whether suspects confessed or provided information in a coercive situation.”

Senate Bill 1006 allows law enforcement to videotape a custodial interrogation in any criminal proceeding. If the person being questioned is charged with criminal sexual assault of a child, aggravated arson, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated carjacking, home invasion or aggravated battery with a firearm, the interrogation must be recorded in order to be admitted as evidence at trial.

“Illinois has a shameful history of forced confessions, including confessions extracted under torture,” Raoul said. “The more videotaped interrogations make it into our courtrooms, the more confident we’ll be that our criminal justice system is working as it should.”

SB 1006 now awaits the governor’s signature.