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Clayborne: Comptroller should make November pension payment

clayborne pens pmtSPRINGFIELD, IL – Comptroller Leslie Munger announced Wednesday that she plans to skip the state’s pension payment for November. State Senator James Clayborne (D-Belleville) reacted to the Comptroller’s decision.

“We’re heading down a road we’re all too familiar with,” Clayborne said. “We know what happens when we don’t make our pension payments because that’s how we got here in the first place. The comptroller and governor should be using their business experience to bring forth innovation not reviving past mistakes we’re working to eradicate.”

Clayborne named state legislator of the year for new markets tax credit program

clayborne-leg-of-the-yrWASHINGTON D.C. - Senator James Clayborne (D-Belleville) will be traveling to Washington, D.C., in June to be honored at Novogradac & Company LLP’s New Markets Tax Credit Conference.

Clayborne was awarded the Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits Community Development Individual Achievement Award because of his support and contributions to the New Markets Tax Credit program.

The program began in 2000 and increases investments into businesses and real estate projects located in low-income communities. The program achieves this by allowing individual and corporate investors to receive a tax credit against their Federal income tax return in exchange for making equity investments in specialized financial institutions called Community Development Entities.

“As a senator I strive to be a leader, innovator and make a significant impact on public policy so that all families can and will succeed.” Clayborne said. “The program does remarkable work and I wanted to support it because I saw the impact it had on the community.”

Senator Clayborne was also named State Legislator of the Year for his support of the NMTC program. Clayborne’s strong support led to legislation that created the Illinois New Markets Development program, one of the first state NMTCs in the country.

Clayborne didn’t stop at just bringing the program to Illinois. He advocated and promoted it so well that the program received extensions for two years, which led to four state NMTC funding rounds that brought in a half-billion dollars for Illinois’ low-income communities.

“I am honored to be awarded legislator of the year,” Clayborne said. “My duty as a senator is to look out for families and individuals that need help the most. I will continue to participate in programs that do just that.”

Clayborne: Senate approves special election for comptroller

010815CM0326SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Senate approved a plan Thursday creating a special election that would let voters select a comptroller to finish the term Judy Baar Topinka would have held until 2019.

State Senator James Clayborne (D-Belleville) voted for the special election.

“Letting voters decide on this vacancy is the most sensible solution, elected officials ought to be elected,” Clayborne said.

After Topinka’s death, Gov. Pat Quinn appointed Jerry Stermer to fill the vacancy until Topinka’s current term expires Jan. 12. Earlier this week, Governor-elect Bruce Rauner announced he will appoint former Unilever executive Leslie Munger once Rauner takes office.

Under the legislation, if the position of comptroller, attorney general, secretary of state or treasurer becomes vacant with more than 28 months remaining in the term, the governor can appoint a successor to serve through the first half of the four-year term.

The special election would coincide with the next regularly scheduled general election, in this case Nov. 8, 2016. During that election, voters can choose who will serve the remaining two years of the term.

This process is similar to the way Senate vacancies are filled.

The legislation, HB 4576, was approved by a 37-15 vote; it now goes to the House for approval.

Clayborne resolution honors Alan Dixon, renames state museum

112014 js 0107SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Senate adopted a resolution Thursday renaming the Illinois State Museum after former lawmaker Alan Dixon.

State Senator James Clayborne (D-Belleville) sponsored the resolution honoring the Belleville native who served Illinoisans as a state representative, state senator, treasurer and U.S. senator.

“Alan Dixon was a dedicated public servant and a committed pursuer of knowledge, justice and peace. It’s hard to think of a more fitting way of memorializing his years of service and legacy than placing his name on a building devoted to preserving Illinois’ heritage,” Clayborne said.

Dixon began his career in Illinois government when he was elected to the House of Representatives in 1950 when he was 22 years old. He retired from the U.S. Senate in 1993.

Dixon passed away July 6, one day before his 87th birthday.

The Illinois State Museum is located on the Capitol grounds in Springfield.

Sen. Clayborne


57th District
Senate Majority Leader

Years served:
1995 - Present

Committee assignments: Assignments (Chairperson); Energy; Executive; Insurance; Judiciary.

Biography: Attorney; born Dec. 29, 1963, in St. Louis; B.S., political science, Tennessee State University; J.D., University of Miami; partner with his firm Clayborne, Sabo and Wagner; (Belleville); former St. Clair County Assistant State's Attorney; has four sons.