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Munoz calls for an elected City Colleges board

munoz 013119SPRINGFIELD – Chicago residents could soon have a say in who sits on the City Colleges of Chicago board of trustees under a plan presented by Assistant Majority Leader Tony Munoz (D-Chicago).

Senate Bill 206 puts the board of trustees on a nonpartisan ballot for the 2020 primary election with one trustee of the 20 trustees up for election each consolidated election thereafter.

“There are 39 community college districts in Illinois, and Chicago is the only one that is appointed by a mayor and not elected,” Munoz said. “There’s not a worthwhile reason for that, and we need to give the control back to the communities they serve.”

Chicago would be divided into 20 districts that would elect trustees to the board with an additional trustee elected city-wide.

Munoz: We cannot allow our immigrant communities to live in fear

munoz 052418SPRINGFIELD- Assistant Majority Leader Tony Munoz (D-Chicago) commends Gov. JB Pritzker for expressing his commitment to Illinois’ immigrant community.

The governor signed an executive order on Thursday that strengthens Illinois’ commitment to immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

“Our immigrant communities have been under attack by harmful rhetoric and measures rooted in racism and xenophobia from the White House. We cannot allow families throughout our state to live in fear, and I’m glad to see that our new administration sees the importance of Welcoming Centers along with other resources that help immigrants establish their lives here.”

Munoz applauds signing of gun dealer licensing law

munoz 020818CHICAGO- A measure approved shortly after the killing of Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer to combat illegal gun trafficking became law today.

Senate Bill 337 requires gun dealers to be certified with the Illinois State Police and to train employees on conducting background checks and taking measures to prevent theft. Assistant Majority Leader Tony Munoz (D-Chicago) released the following statement on the signing of the new law:

“Since my time serving as a Chicago police officer, it’s been my priority to find ways to prevent the illegal sales that put guns in the hands of wrongdoers. We are creating a way for the State to keep track of gun sales and make sure that all gun dealers are playing a part in keeping our communities safe.

“I applaud Governor Pritzker for starting off his first week in office by taking action on a commonsense measure that was long overdue.”

Munoz: Trump assault on birthright citizenship is an insult to our constitution

munoz 031518SPRINGFIELD- Assistant Majority Leader Antonio “Tony” Munoz (D-Chicago) responded to Trump’s plan to end birthright citizenship by executive order with the following statement:

“Trump’s proposed executive order assumes he or any President has the sole authority to change our constitution. It’s an insult to the very document that guarantees our rights as Americans. This is another tactic to gain popularity by instilling fear of our immigrant community in his supporters.

People seeking asylum in this country have a human right to be treated with dignity. I will continue to be a voice for immigrants who have contributed so much to my district, our state and country.”

Sen. Antonio Munoz

1st District
Assistant Majority Leader

Years served: 1999 - Present

Committee assignments: Assignments; Executive Appointments (Chairperson); Executive; Insurance; Veterans Affairs; Energy and Public Utilities.

Biography: Born Feb. 18, 1964, in Chicago; served in U.S. Army with the 82nd Airborne Division; City of Chicago-Mayor's License Commission, Local Liquor Control Section (1990); Dept. of Aviation; Mayor's Office of Budget & Management; member of Fraternal Order of Police; married (wife, Patricia), has three children.

Associated Representatives:
Theresa Mah
Aaron M. Ortiz