Senator Julie Morrison Bio

State Senator Julie Morrison is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the people of Chicago’s northern suburbs and all the people of Illinois.

After taking office, Morrison continued her long history of advocating for children’s welfare by pushing for the creation of a special subcommittee to find ways to improve Illinois’ child welfare system. As chair of this committee, she has worked to help DCFS and other agencies charged with protecting the health and safety of the state’s children find procedural and legislative solutions to help increase efficiency and take down artificial barriers. Before joining the Senate, Morrison served on the Governor’s Statewide Advisory Council to DCFS.

In addition to chairing the Human Services Subcommittee on Issues relating to DCFS, Morrison also chairs a Special Committee on Watercraft Safety. Morrison’s interest in water safety stems from a family tragedy, when an intoxicated boater claimed the life of her young nephew. Championing his cause, Morrison passed a law requiring drivers who are involved in serious accidents to submit to drug and alcohol testing. She continues this important work as the special committee’s chair.

Morrison also serves on the Environment Committee, which allows her to advocate for the people in her district. The senator believes environmental issues are especially important for the communities in the 29th District – especially those that border on Lake Michigan.

Senator Morrison rounds out her committee postings by holding down positions on the Senate Appropriations I, Human Services, Education, and State Government and Veterans Affairs Committees. The governor has also reappointed her to the Statewide Advisory Council to DCFS and appointed her to the Council on Aging.

Morrison was born in the Downstate community of Beardstown and graduated from Knox College. After serving on the DCFS advisory council, she took the position of supervisor of West Deerfield Township, which she held for 15 years.

She lives with her husband Joe. The couple have three grown children.

Sen. Julie Morrison

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29th Legislative District

Years served: 2013 - Present

Committee assignments: Environment and Conservation; Human Services (Chairperson); Public Health (Vice-Chairperson); Transportation; Oversight Medicaid Mang. Care, Spec; Local Government.

Biography: Born in Beardstown; received a bachelor's degree from Knox College; served as supervisor of West Deerfield Township, married to husband Joe with three grown children.

Associated Representatives:
Jonathan Carroll
Bob Morgan