Harmon calls for cooperation heading into COVID-19 special Senate session

harmon 051320 SPRINGFIELD – Illinois Senate President Don Harmon issued the following statement regarding the Senate’s return to session next week.

“Time and again the Illinois Senate has shown its members can work together to solve problems and produce results for the people of this great state. That cooperative spirit of bipartisan achievement is needed now more than ever. This global pandemic has decimated our state and local economies regardless of political affiliation. From far flung living rooms, kitchen tables and home offices, Senators have been working together while apart to figure out what we can and need to do now.

The Illinois Senate intends to return to special session on May 20 through 22 to address fiscal and COVID-19 related issues. The Senate plans to meet at the Capitol in the Senate chamber.

We are working with the Illinois Department of Public Health on logistical details designed to minimize any health or safety risks to those attending and working at the Capitol.”