National Preparedness Month web
September is National Preparedness Month. Whether it be fire, floods or severe weather conditions, make sure you have a plan of action in your home, business, school and community for when natural or man-made disasters strike.

The initiative aims to encourage individuals to take important steps like getting an emergency supply kit (including water, food, and medical necessities), making a family emergency plan, being informed about the different emergencies that may affect them, as well as taking the necessary steps to get trained and become engaged in community preparedness and response efforts. 

To ensure you and your family are proactive about disaster preparedness:

  • Financial preparedness - Create a disaster savings fund and understand the extent of your insurance coverage.
  • Safety preparedness - Create a plan of action for disasters that are likely to occur in your area and learn essential safety skills such as first-aid and CPR.
  • Youth preparedness - Take into account the unique needs of children and include items in your disaster plan to keep them calm and comforted.
  • Community preparedness - Talk with your neighbors to see how prepared they are for disaster.

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