Senator Aquino


CHICAGO – Carjackings are on the rise across Chicago, often leaving victims to pay the price for someone else’s doing when they go to retrieve their vehicle from an impound lot. This all-too-common circumstance led State Senator Omar Aquino (D-Chicago) to lead conversations about why victims shouldn’t be on the hook for these fees.

“When someone is a victim of a carjacking, they are already dealing with a traumatic experience that could be worsened by burdensome fees they weren’t even at fault for,” Aquino said. “Ending this practice is about economic security for folks who have already been victimized.”

Chicago will no longer force victims of carjackings to pay for towing and storage fees to retrieve their vehicles. The City Council voted unanimously this week to approve a measure to waive such fees if the victim is able to obtain a police report verifying their car was stolen. 

During the spring legislative session, Aquino spearheaded a proposal to provide protections for victims of carjackings. Under the plan, if a person’s car was towed following a carjacking, the associated fees would be waived if they submit their police report.

While that portion of Aquino’s proposal ultimately didn’t pass, Chicagoans now have the peace of mind that they will no longer be forced to pay towing and storage fees to retrieve their car if they’re a victim of a carjacking. Aquino is hopeful, however, Chicago’s ordinance sets a precedent that will be put into action statewide. 

“As if being a victim wasn’t already traumatizing and burdensome enough, imagine then having to figure out how you’re going to pay to get your own vehicle back,” Aquino said. “The City Council’s decision was a positive step toward telling victims we recognize your struggles and we’re here for you. Let’s give people across the state the same reinforcement.”