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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Omar Aquino led the passage of Senate Bill 2271, extending the licensing period for home health, home services and home nursing agencies from 120 to 240 days.

“Many people in my district depend on programs that offer in-home care for older residents, and folks with serious illnesses and disabilities,” said Aquino (D-Chicago). “The need we have in Illinois for healthcare professionals that can support families with a loved one in need of in-home care should be addressed, and that’s what this bill does.”

Senate Bill 2271 makes professional licenses for home health, home services, and home nursing agencies valid for 240 days instead of 120 days. The legislation allows new agencies to receive a provisional license for up to 90 days, allowing them to offer services on demand for thousands of patients who require in-home critical care.

“Several studies suggest Illinois faces a dramatic shortage of nurses. Professionals capable of providing in-home care services are desperately needed to give families across the state the option to care for a loved one at home,” Aquino said. “Supporting this industry frees resources at community hospitals since many patients may choose to have healthcare professionals provide services at home rather than stay in a hospital bed.”

SB 2271 passed the Illinois Senate and will be referred to the Illinois House of Representatives for consideration.