manar 111920SPRINGFIELD – In response to the passing of former Gillespie Mayor Howard Carney, State Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) filed a resolution in the Illinois Senate to honor his life and service to Gillespie and Macoupin County.

A retired coal mine manager for Monterey Coal Co., Howard Carney was civic-minded with deep roots in his community. He served the City of Gillespie as an Alderman for eight years and as mayor for 20 years. He was a graduate of Gillespie High School, loved fishing and enjoyed being with his family.

“Mayor Carney’s public service was a testament to what providing for others and your community is all about,” Manar said. “While he spent 28 years dedicated to his neighbors as an official elected, anyone who knew him knows that his service to Gillespie was lifelong.”

Manar, the former mayor of Bunker Hill, said he recognizes the difficult work that local elected officials must tackle.  “Serving as mayor is a challenging task. Many times, it is a thankless job. But, Mayor Carney understood the importance of serving his community and did it for nearly three decades.  That is something we should all celebrate and recognize.”

When the Illinois Senate reconvenes, Manar will present the resolution to the full chamber.