manar 061820DECATUR – To support Decatur’s frontline health workers leading the fight against COVID-19, State Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) partnered with John Deere, the United Auto Workers, and the Illinois Manufacturers Association today to deliver 350 face shields to Crossing Healthcare.

“Crossing Healthcare is extremely grateful to Senator Manar and the team at John Deere for their generous donation of 350 face shields to our clinic. These face shields will allow our medical providers to continue to provide COVID testing and ongoing care to the community,” said Crossing Healthcare CEO Tanya Andricks. “Supporting community health centers in this way means supporting our mission and values. At a time when health disparities are being exposed, Crossing Healthcare will continue to work diligently to fill those gaps for everyone. We are glad to be joined in these efforts by Senator Manar and John Deere.”

Crossing Healthcare is a Federally Qualified Health Center that provides primary outpatient medical care to Macon and surrounding Counties. It is one of two COVID-19 testing sites serving the Decatur Community, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health website.

“Crossing Healthcare is integral to Decatur’s COVID-19 response. We wanted to find a way to support the efforts of Tanya Andricks and the Crossing staff as they continue provide high quality primary care and health services, while also serving as a leading testing hub in this community,” Manar said. “Thank you to John Deere, the United Auto Workers, and the Illinois Manufacturers Association for their partnership.”

Personal protective equipment prices are volatile due to the current shortage, and some providers have struggled to acquire adequate supplies.

Face shields are a type of personal protective equipment used by medical personnel that protect the wearer's entire face from hazards such as flying objects, chemical splashes, or potentially infectious materials.