esl flood 112420EAST ST. LOUIS – The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has allocated up to $1 million to help with flooding issues in Centreville, Alorton and East St. Louis, and State Senator Christopher Belt (D-Centreville) is pleased that local homeowners will have a say in how the problems are tackled. 

“Families in the Metro-East deserve to have their homes and valuables secure from floods,” Belt said. “Flooding issues have been a continuous concern in the community and I am pleased to announce that local leaders can take advantage of this grant opportunity to provide long-term relief for community members.” 

The Prairie du Pont Washed grant offers up to $1 million in funding to help projects designed to reduce stormwater runoff and fix minor sewer infrastructure issues within the communities. 

Currently, Centreville, Alorton, and East St. Louis are experiencing significant flooding and sewage backups. A plan is needed to help identify the best practice to improve stormwater runoff controls appropriate for the watershed. Ultimately, Illinois EPA said, the goal needs to reduce the number and duration of flood events and provide long-term relief to the existing sewer systems. 

That’s where the community comes in. The Prairie du Pont project will engage local leaders and residents to develop the plan and make needed sewer system infrastructure repairs. Local homeowners will get the chance to understand how the projects will work and help them identify which types of practices need to be included in final plans. 

Applications are now being accepted and are due by Thursday, Dec. 10, 2020. Applicants may not apply for a grant until they are pre-qualified through the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act grantee portal here. For more information on how to apply Prairie du Pont Watershed notice of funding opportunity, visit here.