Sen. Christopher Belt

SPRINGFIELD – A measure sponsored by State Senator Christopher Belt (D-Swansea) that seeks to remove barriers to getting hired by the state of Illinois for minorities and marginalized people passed the Senate on Thursday.

“Women, people with disabilities, African American and Latino individuals, and all minorities have the right to the same opportunities that other people have in the workforce,” Belt said. “This legislation identifies the issues minorities face when applying to work for the state, and breaks down the barriers to fair hiring.”

The measure would require the Illinois Department of Central Management Services to identify policies that make it harder for minorities and marginalized people to get hired by the state of Illinois and to seek legislation to address systemic racism in the state’s hiring practices. Each state agency would also increase diversity on interview panels in order to better employment opportunities for women and minorities. In addition, the legislation encourages CMS and other state agencies to review current personnel policies to remove any and all language that is discriminatory from their books.

“Diversity is essential to ending systemic racism, and this is a necessary step in the right direction,” Belt said. “The measure addresses the issues minorities and marginalized people face during the state hiring process.”

House Bill 3914 passed the Senate with a vote of 53-0.