belt scam 062321East St. Louis – State Senator Christopher Belt (D-Swansea) is reminding people to look out for text and email scams asking for personal information from someone pegging themselves as the Illinois Department of Transportation.

“With the increase in hacking, residents need to be aware of who they are giving personal information to,” Belt said. “I urge everyone to take precaution when receiving a text message or email saying it’s from IDOT.”

While the messages might look official, IDOT will not request personal information, such as Social Security numbers or bank information, via text or email.

To protect personal information, take the following precautions:

  • Delete unsolicited emails and texts requesting personal information or promising state driver’s licenses or IDs;
  • Do not click on any links contained in such emails or texts, as they may place malware on your computer or devices;
  • Hang up on any calls, including robocalls that ask you to take immediate action or provide personally identifiable information;
  • Ask to use other types of identifiers besides your Social Security number;
  • Keep software up to date, including operating systems and antivirus protection programs on your computer, phone and other devices.

“I have no respect for those who participate in fraudulent schemes,” Belt said. “IDOT will not ask for your personal information through text or email, and the department is working around the clock to keep you safe.”