cop school safety 033022SPRINGFIELD –State Senator Christopher Belt (D-Swansea) championed a measure that passed the Senate Wednesday that would further increase student safety by ensuring their local school board’s threat assessment procedures are filed with the local law enforcement agencies.

“We have seen school shootings on the rise across the country,” Belt said. “Ensuring our school’s threat assessment procedures are up to date is essential to protecting our students in an emergency situation.”

Currently, each public school district is required to implement a threat assessment procedure that includes the creation of a threat assessment team. The team must consist of an administrator, teacher, school counselor, psychologist, school social worker and at least one law enforcement official.

House Bill 4994 would require each local school board to file the threat assessment procedure and a list of the members on the school district's threat assessment team or regional behavior threat assessment and intervention team with a local law enforcement agency and the regional office of education at the start of each school year. Chicago Public Schools would file the threat assessment procedure and list of members with the Illinois State Board of Education.

“Each school district has their own procedure in place,” Belt said. “We want to make sure all local school boards are on the same page so parents know that the school is prepared and has the resources to protect their children.”

House Bill 4994 passed the Senate and now heads to the governor’s desk.