ESTL floodingEAST ST. LOUIS – In response to record rainfall resulting in numerous families being displaced in East St. Louis, State Senator Christopher Belt (D-Swansea), State Rep. Latoya Greenwood (D-East St. Louis) and State Rep. Jay Hoffman (D-Swansea) are working with local, state and federal leaders to address public safety concerns and released the following statements:

“Flood waters pose a significant threat to a community’s health, safety and property,” said Rep. Hoffman. “Families in East St. Louis are at the forefront of our recovery efforts following last week’s historic rainfall.”

“As both a lifelong and proud resident of East St. Louis, I want our citizens to know we are working with Mayor Robert Eastern III, Gov. JB Pritzker and his administration, St. Clair County Emergency Management Agency Director Herb Simmons, as well as Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth to get families back into their homes as safely and quickly as possible,” said Rep. Greenwood.

“I would be remiss if I did not thank Meridian Health Plan of Illinois for heeding our calls of distress and donating PPE, disinfectants and pledging funds to help cover some of the costs associated with temporary housing for those citizens who have been forced to evacuate their homes due to the flash floods,” said Sen. Belt. “To reduce future flooding concerns, we’re continuing to explore funding opportunities and other solutions to improve the sewer and wastewater infrastructure for East St. Louis residents.”

“Area citizens have plenty of problems to deal with in the best of times. When disaster hits like this flood that displaced families and ruined homes, there are so few resources to help,” said Sister Julia Huiskamp, MSW, Business Manager of Griffin Center with Catholic Urban Programs. “The very generous offer Meridian supplied of $5,000 and other resources to help these abandoned families is so touching and so badly needed!” 

If you or someone you know needs assistance due to the floods, dial 2-1-1 or 1-800-427-4626 to connect with United Way of Greater St. Louis and get the latest information on available resources.