wineglass 010923SPRINGFIELD – To support small businesses, State Senator Christopher Belt championed a measure through the Senate that would expand liquor delivery services across Illinois.

“Bars and restaurants stimulate our local economies and are the heart of our communities,” said Belt (D-Swansea). “Allowing liquor delivery services across the state benefits businesses and residents by increasing access and sales. We are working to lessen the burden businesses face by increasing the accessibility for revenue.”

In partnership with the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, Belt’s measure would eliminate state and local fees for liquor delivery throughout Illinois. Additionally, it brings parity for liquor delivery between home-rule and non-home rule municipalities to regulate liquor delivery.

“This legislation eases hurdles for businesses and consumers by streamlining regulations and removing burdensome fees,” said Rob Karr, president and CEO of Illinois Retail Merchants Association. “We appreciate Senator Belt for leading on this action, especially as more shoppers rely on home delivery because of the pandemic.”

Senate Bill 1001 would also lower the licensing fees for wineries to $750 if renewed online and $900 for initial or non-online certification. Under a law passed in 2021, the fees were raised to $1,200 if renewed online and $1,500 for initial licenses and non-online.

“Being a voice for small businesses is a priority of mine,” Belt said. “I’d like to thank the Illinois Retail Merchants Association for their strong advocacy to help us bring in more revenue for our bars and restaurants.”

Senate Bill 1001 passed the Senate Monday.