rapekits 100120New tracking system will support, protect and empower sexual assault survivors throughout evidence collection and processing

MARYVILLE - As a former prosecutor with experience working with survivors of sexual assault, State Senator Rachelle Crowe (D-Glen Carbon) is gratified to announce the Illinois State Police Division of Forensic Services has launched a new electronic system to allow survivors to track their sexual assault kits.

“From my past professional experience as a prosecutor, I can attest to the importance of survivors having access to their case’s progress,” Crowe said. “Sexual assault cases are time-sensitive, complicated and emotional, and this new system will support survivors through the grueling process.”

Crowe sponsored Public Act 101-0377, formerly known as Senate Bill 1411, to require ISP to establish a secure, effective sexual assault evidence tracking system. The measure was signed into law in August of 2019.

Drawing on recommendations made by the 2018 Sexual Assault Evidence Tracking and Reporting Commission, the system will allow survivors of sexual assault to monitor the status of their evidence throughout the entire collection and analysis process.

 To ensure privacy, the system will use unique case numbers and passwords to limit access to survivors and law enforcement.

“With this new system, sexual assault survivors will have the ability to check the status of their evidence as it transitions from collection at the hospital, through the forensic lab and ultimately to the final results from their local state’s attorney’s office,” Crowe said. “This program will allow secure conversations for survivors to speak with law enforcement throughout the complex process, and it’s one more way we can empower survivors.”

The system can be found on the Illinois State Police website at https://paets.isp.illinois.gov/