Hispanic Heritage Month

Over the years, the Illinois Senate’s Latino Caucus has grown in size and diversity, mirroring the Latino community in Illinois. The first Latina to be elected to the Illinois State Senate is still serving her community in the General Assembly, and she has been joined by four other Hispanic legislators. They are very excited about the growing influence the Latino community has in the Senate and the state.

There are some senators whose parents immigrated to the U.S. with nothing but an American dream. Experiencing many of the hardships immigrant communities endure, they use their experience to advocate for immigrant communities. Hispanic Heritage Month is important to Illinois’ Democratic Senators, because they take pride in having a state where everyone is welcome. Hispanic culture is a key component of what makes the state of Illinois unique.

Hispanic Heritage Month takes place between September and October. For Latino heritage, this period is very important because many Latino countries celebrate their independence this time of year. It is important to acknowledge and commemorate Hispanic culture around the state of Illinois during this month and throughout the year, because the door was not always opened for Latino people. They have had to push to gain representation.

The Latino members of the Illinois Senate urge you to support the diverse Hispanic community not only in the state of Illinois but around the country. Go out and immerse yourself in a community that celebrates great traditions, values, and aspirations, because building bridges is so much better than building walls.

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!