therapy 092820NAPERVILLE – September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and State Senator Laura Ellman (D-Naperville) is addressing the stigma attached to mental health issues and the mental health crisis in Illinois.

“Sadly, there’s still a lot of stigma surrounding people with mental health issues in America,” Ellman said. “We need everyone to look at mental health the same way they do physical health and make sure anyone who needs help knows they’re not alone.”

The goal of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month is to raise awareness of the realities of suicide, help open up a conversation about mental health and connect individuals with mental health resources.

Research by the National Alliance on Mental Illness shows that about half of individuals who die from suicide are diagnosed with a mental disorder, but about 90% show symptoms of mental illness. Since the COVID-19 crisis began, the Center for Disease Control estimates that one quarter of young adults have contemplated suicide. If you, or someone you know is experiencing crisis or suicidal thoughts, call the national suicide hotline at 1-800-TALK (8255) or text NAMI at 741-741 to speak with a crisis counselor.

“There are so many people who are dealing with serious mental health issues, but they’re often afraid to ask for help,” Ellman said. “If you or anyone you know is experiencing mental health issues, please use the resources that are available, especially during these uncertain times we find ourselves living through.”