040924CM0589 rSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Laura Ellman’s legislation to prioritize water protections by targeting critical water issues and implementing necessary recommendations passed the Senate on Tuesday, moving it one step closer to becoming law.

“Access to clean, high-quality water is vital to sustaining a healthy and safe future for everyone,” said Ellman (D-Naperville). “This measure will allow Illinois to standardize evaluations of existing water issues and the needs of our environment.”

Senate Bill 2743 would require the State Water Plan Task Force to address water issues and reevaluate environmental needs by assisting state and local authorities in the implementation of recommended plans. The measure would also require the task force to publish a State Water Plan at least once every 10 years and meet once per quarter each calendar year.

This measure is part of a group of initiatives aimed to enhance water quality in Illinois. The H2024 initiatives create long-term solutions to longstanding environmental issues across the state – from improving drinking water to preserving the biological welfare of people and wildlife from harmful pollutants, and maintaining a clean water supply.

“Acknowledging that our water quality is being compromised by pollutants is the beginning of monitoring and implementing change to these water resources,” said Ellman. “I look forward to seeing this environmentally-conscious measure become a standard of Illinois water protections.”

The measure now heads to the House for further consideration.