fine 3230


SPRINGFIELD – In an effort to improve the behavioral health crisis response system, State Senator Laura Fine has passed the Strengthening and Transforming Behavioral Health Crisis Care in Illinois Act.  This will ensure we have a dependable behavioral health crisis system, including the 9-8-8 hotline. 

“We need to make certain Illinoisans have an effective behavioral health crisis response system that can meet their needs,” said Fine (D-Glenview). “This legislation will help us assess the quality and affordability of behavioral health crisis services and as a result, make improvements to the system.”

House Bill 3230 would require an independent third party to conduct a cost analysis of a statewide initiative for the coordination and delivery of the continuum of behavioral health crisis response services in the state. Following the results of the report, a working group will develop recommendations for a cohesive behavioral health crisis response system that will be able to support the needs of Illinoisans. This would include the costs of maintaining crisis call centers, staffing, technological infrastructure enhancements and more. 

“In Illinois and nationwide, mental health needs have skyrocketed and yet we are still overdue for a functional crisis response system that includes someone to call, someone to come, and a place to go - in every corner of Illinois,” said State Representative Lindsey LaPointe, the chief sponsor of HB 3230 in the House. “This bill helps us build out our 988 crisis response system, which will both connect people to mental health support and also relieve law enforcement.”

House Bill 3230 passed the Senate on Thursday.