gillespie nursing home 030222ARLINGTON HEIGHTS – State Senator Ann Gillespie (D-Arlington Heights) released the following statement after President Joe Biden called for nursing home reform in his State of the Union address on Tuesday:

“President Biden noted tonight that too many nursing homes continue to provide an unacceptably low quality of care, despite receiving billions of state and federal dollars. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated an already troubling situation and showed how at risk nursing home residents are when quality and staffing levels fall.

“The president is right in saying that these conditions are unacceptable. Linking funding to actual improvements in staffing and quality of care, and transparency in ownership are two of the president’s proposals that we are already working on at home in Illinois. I am proud to join Rep. Anna Moeller in sponsoring pending legislation that will implement reforms called for by President Biden tonight.

“These changes to how nursing homes deliver care and staff their facilities are paramount to the wellbeing of both residents and staff.”