census 2020 websiteCHICAGO – In an effort to ensure every community has a complete Census count, State Senator Emil Jones (D-Chicago) urges households in the Village of Riverdale and Robbins to fill out the 2020 Census.

“Every city and village need to understand the Census results will affect their everyday resources,” Jones said. “This means our hospitals, schools, and various other agencies could receive less funding if the population count is not accurate. Completing the Census is simple, so everyone should fill it out as soon as possible.”

Currently, the Village of Riverdale has a response rate of 48.4% and Village of Robbins has response rate of 50.9%. These rates are below the target levels. In 2020, Riverdale had a response rate of 55% and Robbins had a response rate of 59.2%. 

“People of color have been systematically undercounted due to a number of access-related issues,” Jones said. “We must make sure our history does not repeat itself in this 2020 Census because our minority communities have the most to lose.”  

Residents can complete the census for their household at https://my2020census.gov.