Bike / walking path

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Emil Jones is leading a measure to allow municipalities to have a greater say in its development plans.

“Concentrating IDOT funding for pedestrian and bicycle ways to larger cities will increase efficiency and usability of said funding,” said Jones (D-Chicago). “This measure will make sure that resources are not wasted.”

Currently, IDOT must fund pedestrian and bicycle ways to in conjunction with construction, reconstruction or other change of state transportation facilities in or within one mile of a municipality of over 1,000 people. This forces municipalities to work pedestrian and bicycle ways into their development plans even if they won’t be used.

House Bill 4489 would allow an area of a county within one mile of a city with a population of 50,000 or more to pass a resolution to opt out of IDOT-funded pedestrian or bicycle ways. 

“This measure will give smaller municipalities the power to have more say in their infrastructure,” said Jones. “This will help communities by allowing them to plan and build new construction without the restriction of including pedestrian and bicycle ways.”

House Bill 4489 passed the Senate Transportation Committee Tuesday.