martwick 051721CHICAGO – Last week, State Senator Robert Martwick (D-Chicago) was awarded the Friend of Education award by the Illinois Education Association for his continued commitment to helping students and educators in their pursuit of knowledge.

“It is an honor to receive such an outstanding award from an organization working to help the citizens of Illinois,” Martwick said. “Education remains the center of our society, and we must adapt to the ever-changing future as much as we can to help educators and student succeed.”

This Friend of Education award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated commitment to the success of public education and to the ideals and mission of the IEA-NEA.

Martwick has long been a supporter of education and works hard to make sure students are taken care of inside and outside of school. This means teachers are being recognized and supported for all their hard work, and students are able to feel safe and secure in the learning environment.

“I will continue to support educators and students who are working to better themselves,” Martwick said. “Creating meaningful legislation that works to improve our education system and ensure the safety and comfort of students and teachers is what is truly important.”

Martwick is currently sponsoring legislation like Senate Bill 1577, which would provide students with the ability to take mental health days away from school, and House Bills 576 and 577, which would help to identify students who are at risk for suicide and help bolster mental health awareness.