martwick 090121SPRINGFIELD – Today, State Senator Robert Martwick (D-Chicago) joined his colleagues to take action on the future of Illinois’ energy production and began laying out the framework for the state to move forward with clean and safe energy and good-paying jobs for future generations.

“This legislation will help us invest in the future of our state,” Martwick said. “Creating tens of thousands of jobs through clean energy programs will ensure that we are on the right path in the fight against climate change.”

This legislation, SB 18 makes Illinois a national leader in reducing carbon emissions through renewable, reliable and affordable energy suppliers, as well as training programs for thousands of well-paying jobs. Creating programs to set Illinois on an aggressive path to fully renewable energy generation by 2050, these investments in renewable energy are the largest in the history of Illinois.

Under the plan, Illinois would be investing in large solar construction across the state to help provide renewable energy to residents. The state would also be investing in nuclear power plants and ensuring that Illinois will not choose to import energy from carbon-polluting plants.

“Our focus is to position Illinois as the leader of the renewable energy future,” Martwick said. “Securing thousands of jobs for the people of Illinois means more economic stability for residents who will find security in the clean-energy sector.”

The legislation would create a number of statewide programs to help train these new workers for the clean-energy sector and green energy jobs with a focus on minority and lower-income communities.