Martwick Library Grants 2022


CHICAGO –Thanks to support from State Senator Rob Martwick (D-Chicago) to provide aid to libraries for pandemic recovery, the Schiller Park Public Library will receive nearly $6,000 to enhance its services.

“Libraries serve the public with information and opportunities to learn and prosper,” Martwick said. “This grant provides more resources to the library that will benefit people throughout the Shiller Park community.”  

The library grant program is aimed at responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and providing funds for libraries. Grant recipients can use the funding to modify services, transform spaces and develop resources for their local recovering workforce and to ensure all operations can be provided safely and effectively as the pandemic continues.

“The funding provided to Schiller Park Public Library will help it provide resources the community can rely on during this tough time,” Martwick said. “Grant opportunities like this continue to advance and create new alternatives to our educational resources that make them more accessible to a greater number of residents.”

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