martwick 120122SPRINGFIELD — State Senator Robert Martwick celebrates collaboration with law enforcement officials and states attorneys to help pass a measure that clarifies the Pretrial Fairness Act portions of the SAFE-T Act and ensure smooth implementation of the law.

“I am pleased there was collaboration and participation by all parties, including law enforcement and states attorneys,” Martwick said. “We were able to clarify language to ensure the law works as intended, which is to improve protections for the public.”

“The intention behind the Pretrial Fairness Act has always been to improve public safety by reforming a broken system,” said Martwick (D-Chicago). “The political process highlighted some misconceptions about the language, and how that language could be exploited.”

House Bill 1095 provides clarification to misconceptions that were spread about the Pretrial Fairness Act portions of the SAFE-T Act since its passing in January2021. The intent of the Pretrial Fairness Act remains under this measure – it merely clarifies language. 

Many Illinoisans were left confused as to what the law truly does following smear campaigns on social media and in the headlines of fake newspapers. Among the clarifications are a reminder that any person who poses a threat to the community or another person—including trespassers—can be arrested, judges can issue warrants and summons, and clarifies court authority when it comes to electronic monitoring, among other items.

The measure is a collaborative effort alongside law enforcement, states attorneys, Coalition to End Money Bond, ACLU of Illinois, the Cook County Public Defender’s Office, the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence, CAASE, and more.

House Bill 1095 passed the Illinois Senate and awaits further consideration in the Illinois House.