carvaccine 031921HIGHWOOD – Lake County residents will have an easier time receiving their COVID-19 vaccine thanks to enhanced support from the state, and Senator Julie Morrison (D-Lake Forest) encourages any person eligible to schedule their shot at the Lake County Fairgrounds vaccination site.

“More workers will allow us to eventually create more vaccination sites, which will lead to more accessible doses for all Lake County residents,” Morrison said. “If you’re eligible, it’s time to make a plan to get your shot.”

The Illinois National Guard was called upon by Governor JB Pritzker to bolster current operations at the Lake County Fairgrounds site. Bringing in the National Guard will allow existing staff to relocate to other parts of the county to assure wider distribution of the vaccine to the communities who need it the most.

The COVID-19 vaccination site at the Lake County Fairgrounds opened earlier this year to help vaccinate as many people as possible. Because of the size of the expo hall, dozens of vehicles can be parked inside while the vaccine is administered to them through their windows. 

To receive a vaccine, people must be registered on the Lake County AllVax system and bring their QR code, which will then be scanned before the vaccine is delivered.

“Health care workers and the Illinois National Guard members who have been supporting the state’s vaccine efforts deserve the utmost appreciation,” Morrison said. “Please, if you are eligible, get your vaccine and thank a health care worker.”

Additionally, any person in Illinois who meets the eligibility criteria can schedule an appointment at a state-supported mass vaccination site by visiting