Senator Morrison 2022


SPRINGFIELD- State Senator Julie Morrison (D-Lake Forest) advanced a bill Wednesday to make units of local government more accountable, efficient and transparent.

Under Morrison‘s measure – the Decennial Committees on Local Government Consolidation and Efficiency Act – units of local government would be required to review and report at least once every 10 years ways in which they can improve efficiency or consolidate services.

This bill requires three public meetings which would accept input from local residents. Each local government, except municipalities and counties, would collect data, research, analysis, and public input regarding governing statutes, ordinances, shared services, and intergovernmental agreements, among other items. It would then be tasked with creating a report with recommendations regarding efficiencies, increased accountability, and consolidation. 

“With approximately 7,000 units of local taxpayer funded governments, it is time for these government bodies to be evaluated for efficiency, accountability and consolidation,” Morrison said. “Our communities have evolved over the decades and taxpayers deserve accountability.  If you cannot justify your existence to those who fund you, you should turn off the lights, turn in your keys, and save the taxpayers their money.”

Senate Bill 3789 passed the Senate Executive Committee Wednesday.