mobilehome 031721SPRINGFIELD – Residents of mobile home parks could see improved financial transparency and more dependable clean water access under two measures proposed by State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines).

“There are a number of mobile home parks in the Northwest Suburbs and surrounding communities. Our friends and neighbors live in these parks, and they need someone to advocate on their behalf,” Murphy said. “These initiatives are meant to increase transparency for mobile home buyers and improve conditions in mobile home parks.”

A loan for a mobile home located in a mobile home park is different from a mortgage: Mobile homes are assessed and taxed as personal property, not real estate; interest rates are often much higher than those for typical home loans; and refinancing options are limited. To ensure residents are well informed when purchasing a mobile home, Senate Bill 1779 would require lenders to disclose these differences to prospective mobile home buyers.

Murphy has also introduced Senate Bill 1780, which calls for the owner of a mobile home park to provide water to residents if the normal water supply has been disrupted for more than three days. Murphy was inspired to introduce the legislation after a weeklong water shortage in 2019 at the Blackhawk Estates mobile home park in unincorporated Des Plaines, which left residents unable to shower, do laundry or wash dishes.

“Mobile home owners are part of our community,” Murphy said. “Like any other property owner, they deserve to know the terms of their loan agreements, and they deserve to be able to depend on a basic standard of living.”

Senate Bills 1779 and 1780 passed the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday and now head to the full Senate.