murphy college 032321SPRINGFIELD – To ease feelings of stress, anxiety and burnout on college campuses in Illinois, State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) has sponsored a new initiative to create an online resource hub geared toward campus mental health.

“As the parent of a college freshman, I know higher education presents a number of unique stressors,” Murphy said. “It’s important that those experiencing mental health conditions have easy access to targeted support.”

The legislation would require the Department of Human Services to maintain a resources page on its website with mental health resources specifically tailored to post-secondary education institutions, their staff, students and families.

Currently, DHS provides digital brochures and links on its website of helpful tools for those who may be dealing with a mental health concern. However, the website does not contain provisions directly targeted to post-secondary education and its communities.

“We know college students suffer high levels of stress and anxiety, but many people aren’t aware that faculty and staff experience similar pressures,” Murphy said. “With the pandemic taking an additional toll on everyone’s mental health, now is the time to make sure our campus communities know help is available.”

Senate Bill 1786 passed the Senate Behavioral and Mental Health Committee and now heads to the full Senate.