murphy 032321 2SPRINGFIELD – To ensure the state is doing its part to keep roadways safe for pedestrians, State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) backed legislation to require the Illinois Department of Transportation to look more closely into traffic accidents on state highways that result in the death of a pedestrian.

“Illinoisans deserve to be able to walk to school or work, go for a run, or simply take a stroll around their neighborhood safely,” Murphy said. “If we can identify problem areas on our state highways, we can implement solutions that will save lives.”


The legislation would require IDOT to conduct a traffic study after any fatal pedestrian accident at the intersection of a state highway. The study would include a rundown of potential methods to improve safety at the site, such as design improvements and traffic control devices. The results of each study would be publicly accessible via IDOT’s website.


Murphy was inspired to sponsor the legislation following a series of three fatal accidents in just two years on Miner Street, between Pearson Street and Graceland Avenue, in Des Plaines.

After four people were hospitalized following two separate accidents two hours apart at the location, police conducted a sting operation: Officers in plainclothes walked across the crosswalk and if drivers failed to yield, they were issued a citation. Within a six-hour period, 20 citations were issued.

“With the right safeguards in place, fatal accidents can often be prevented,” Murphy said. “We owe it to those lost and their families to look into accidents and find ways to avoid further tragedy.”

Senate Bill 1791 passed the Transportation Committee Tuesday and now heads to the full Senate.