murphy 041321SPRINGFIELD – To close loopholes that currently allow the Illinois Tollway Authority to share Illinois drivers’ personal information and travel records with law enforcement, federal prosecutors and private attorneys, State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) sponsored legislation to limit the instances in which this data can be shared.

“Your travel history is your business. When that information is shared without valid cause, it’s a clear violation of drivers’ privacy,” said Murphy. “We need to put stronger protections in place to keep people’s personal information safe.”

In 2019, reports revealed that the Illinois Tollway Authority was openly sharing drivers’ travel data with local police departments and divorce attorneys. The data showed individuals’ movements on state tollways, in addition to personal contact information, license plate numbers and more.

Under Murphy’s bill, private data derived from toll collections could only be released for toll collection purposes and pursuant to law enforcement investigations. Except in cases of emergency, police departments would be required to have a warrant or subpoena in order to obtain a driver’s information from the Tollway.

Any personally identifiable information connected to travel data would have to be deleted from Illinois Tollway Authority records within five years.

“Unless you’ve committed a crime, lawyers and law enforcement don’t need to know your whereabouts,” said Murphy. “Illinois needs to take action to make sure we’re maintaining the level of privacy people deserve.”

Senate Bill 2235 passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and now heads to the full Senate.