murphy 032321SPRINGFIELD – After months of negotiations with lawmakers, state agencies and other stakeholders, State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) is calling the state’s final budget plan for the upcoming fiscal year a win for students and working families:

“As we work toward a full recovery from the pandemic, it’s crucial that Illinois spends—and saves—smart. Every dollar represents a down payment on our state’s future.

“By closing loopholes and cutting back on unnecessary expenses, we were able to keep our promise to public schools and increase evidence-based funding by $350 million, making critical investments in K-12 education in a way that reduces the tax burden on local property owners.

“I’m proud to have helped craft a balanced budget that makes our full required pension payment, supports the middle class and spurs economic growth in all our communities. We’ve weathered the challenges of the past year—now it’s time to build back better.”