Sen. Laura Murphy

SPRINGFIELD – Lobbyists are now required to disclose more information regarding their clients and relationships to local government units under new legislation co-sponsored by Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines).

“It’s clear that we need to introduce larger reforms to change the way elected officials do business,” said Murphy, who served as chief co-sponsor of the legislation in the Senate. “Increasing lobbying transparency is just a start—there’s much more still to do.”

The legislation seeks to prevent state lawmakers from lobbying local units of government. The measure would require:

  • state lobbyists to disclose any units of local government they lobby,
  • state lobbyists to disclose any elected or appointed offices they hold,
  • lobbying firms that contract out other lobbyists to disclose who is lobbying for each business or other client, and
  • the Secretary of State’s Office to improve the lobbyist database, compiling this new information into a publicly accessible and easily navigable online resource.

“Anytime we increase transparency, it’s a victory, but we can’t stop there,” Murphy. “I am continuing to work to enact legislation that holds lawmakers to a higher standard.”

Senate Bill 1639 was signed into law by Governor Pritzker and takes effect immediately.