Sen. Steve Stadelman

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Steve Stadelman has advanced legislation that provides protections against the criminal act of hazing.

“Hazing is a serious issue that undermines the safety and well-being of our students and communities,” said Stadelman (D-Rockford). “No individual should ever feel pressured or coerced into participating in activities that jeopardize their physical or mental health.”

Under Senate Bill 2934, a person agreeing to participate in a hazardous situation would not shield those accused of the hazing. According to Goldberg & Loren, in 95% of hazing cases, students aware they were hazed did not report it. Humiliation is the most popular method of hazing, accounting for 67% of total incidents that happen. Stadelman’s measure would establish a consent clause within state law, bringing Illinois in line with several other states that clarify consent to hazing does not protect against hazing charges.

“By taking decisive action to hold perpetrators of hazing accountable, we are prioritizing the safety and dignity of all Illinois residents,” said Stadelman.

Senate Bill 2934 passed the Special Committee on Criminal Law & Public Safety on Wednesday and heads to the Senate floor for further deliberation.