pvp humboldt park 011222CHICAGO – State Senator Patricia Van Pelt (D-Chicago) is excited to announce that West Humboldt Park Development Council will receive $300,000 for corridor enhancements.

“Like any other neighborhood, the West Side community has been through a lot in the past few years, however, West Humboldt Park was already at a systemic disadvantage before the pandemic,” Van Pelt said. “This grant will help the developmental council to rebuild the community’s corridors, as well as its sentiment.”

West Humboldt Park will receive funding from the Illinois Department of Economic Development to enhance and provide additional services to local businesses through the Rebuild Distressed Communities program, made possible by the state’s historic Rebuild Illinois Capital Plan.

Projects for corridor improvements will repair and improve the surrounding area while increasing economic opportunities for impacted businesses. The projects were evaluated based on project need, capacity, quality and societal impact.

The final round of Rebuild Distressed Communities program provides $976,000 to 26 small businesses and $7.45 million to help revitalize seven commercial corridors located across the state.

“I am excited that this grant will help to revitalize the community after years of disinvestment and reeling effects from the pandemic and civil unrest, “ Van Pelt said. “Not only will the community receive major enhancements, but new economic opportunities as well.”

For more information on assistance available for small businesses, or to learn more about ongoing capital programs, people can visit DCEO’s website.