Senator Van Pelt


SPRINGFIELD – Building upon efforts to address maternal and infant mortality in the state of Illinois, State Senator Patricia Van Pelt (D-Chicago) is leading a measure to expand access to prenatal services.

“Prenatal and perinatal care can make a world of a difference in a mother and a child’s life,” Van Pelt said. “Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t have the same access to this kind of care, which is why the measure is vital.”

House Bill 5013 requires a managed care organization to pay for preventative prenatal services, perinatal healthcare services, and postpartum services rendered by a non-affiliated provider, as long as that the provider has not rejected a contract offered in good faith within the last twelve months or had a contract terminated for cause.

Maternal mortality rates increased by 14% since the beginning of the pandemic, with Black women facing maternal mortality rates nearly three times that of white women.

Regular prenatal care helps to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications, keep track of the baby’s development, and more.

“Child birth can be dangerous, but with regular doctor visits and additional resources available to those expecting, it doesn’t have to be,” Van Pelt said. “Access to care before and after a child is born can not only reduce complications, but also save lives. Comprehensive perinatal care should be an option for everyone.”

House Bill 5013 passed the Senate Tuesday, and goes to the House for concurrence.