hinduheritage 102021SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Ram Villivalam (D-Chicago) passed legislation in the Illinois Senate declaring October 2021 as Hindu Heritage Month in Illinois.

“Hindus have furthered our state’s cultural diversity and economic prosperity,” Villivalam said. “As the senator of one of the most diverse districts in the state and the first Hindu to serve in the Illinois state legislature, I am proud to be a chief co-sponsor of legislation to honor the contributions of Hindu communities across Illinois.”

Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world with 6 million followers in the United States, and over 250,000 in Illinois. Hinduism is an inclusive religion, as it does not have a singular founder, text or set of beliefs. Rather, it consists of a variety of practices, cultural values and norms that differ amongst its followers.

Senate Resolution 545 passed without opposition in the Illinois Senate.