­villivalam 053122SPRINGFIELD – Legislation to conduct a review of revenue sources, equity and safety measures, and how to further improve our transportation system, spearheaded by Senate Transportation Committee chair Ram Villivalam, was signed into law on Friday.

“Illinois is working hard to continue finding new ways to improve our infrastructure,” said Villivalam (D-Chicago). “With the help of this commission, we will find innovative ways to execute the Rebuild Illinois capital plan and find sources of funding for projects in the communities that need it most.”

Senate Bill 1233 creates the Blue-Ribbon Commission on Transportation Infrastructure Funding and Policy to seek out alternative funding mechanisms for projects and operation. The commission is also tasked with researching current and future workforce needs, safety improvements, racial equity and how to expand multi-modal transportation networks.

Illinois has an extensive transportation network that ranks third in the nation for roadway miles and bridges. With over 127,000 miles of road, nearly 29,000 bridges and 17 major airports to maintain, funds from the gas tax are crucial to operating and maintaining our transportation system.

“Much of our infrastructure budget is dependent on the gas tax, and new industry trends like electric vehicles may reduce the available funds for essential projects,” Villivalam said. “I am committed to finding other sources of revenue to continue the work being done to rebuild our state.”

“The transportation sector has experienced major changes over the last decade - advances in technology and data created new ways for people and goods to move,” said Kelly R. Welsh, President, Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago. “This legislation will give us expert guidance to make sure our laws, policies, and investment strategies prepare us for the future and maintain Illinois' status as the transportation leader of the nation.”

Senate Bill 1233 was signed by the governor on Friday and is effective immediately.