­villivalam 060822CHICAGO – State Senator Ram Villivalam was appointed to the Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation Infrastructure Funding and Policy Tuesday.

“I am proud to sit on this commission and am eager to begin working with industry experts, colleagues in the General Assembly and the governor’s office on finding innovative ways to continue to improve our infrastructure in a safe, accessible and affordable way.” said Villivalam (D-Chicago).

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation Infrastructure Funding and Policy was established by legislation introduced by Senator Villivalam during the spring legislative session. Senate Bill 1233, which was signed into law in May, creates the commission to seek out alternative funding mechanisms for projects and operations. The commission is also tasked with researching current and future workforce needs, safety improvements, racial equity and how to expand multi-modal transportation networks.

Illinois has an extensive transportation network that ranks third in the nation for roadway miles and bridges. With over 127,000 miles of road, nearly 29,000 bridges and 17 major airports to maintain, funds from the gas tax are crucial to operating and maintaining our transportation system.

“As the use of electric vehicles increases, I am committed to working in a bipartisan way to implement a holistic approach to funding our transportation infrastructure,” said Villivalam.

The commission’s full report will be presented to the General Assembly for review by Jan. 31, 2023.