VillivalamSPRINGFIELD - State Senator Ram Villivalam participated in a rally Thursday hosted by the Illinois Environment Council to continue advocating for a cleaner environment in Illinois.

“Illinois’ current transportation system has major implications for climate, health and equity. Roughly nine million Illinois residents live in areas that regularly experience air that the EPA has determined is unsafe to breathe,” said Villivalam (D-Chicago). “That’s 71% of the state’s entire population, and that dirty air disproportionately impacts disadvantaged, overburdened communities of color. Unfortunately, our transportation sector massively contributes to that pollution.”

Villivalam is leading the charge in clean transportation efforts throughout Illinois, serving as chief sponsor of the Clean and Equitable Transportation Act. Senate Bill 3936 would reduce greenhouse gas emissions to be 100% carbon free sector-wide, while targeting other transportation needs that will establish clean energy and jobs.

This measure also calls for the implementation of long overdue transit funding, service, and governance reforms to establish a unified regional agency, and increase the viability and reliability of zero-emission vehicles. Additionally, while moving public fleets to zero emissions, this measure would also target the buildout of infrastructure.

“We can put the days of unreliable transportation behind us and implement a system that gets people where they need to go without harming our health and our planet,” said Villivalam. “We can also increase the availability and reliability of zero-emission vehicles and charging infrastructure so that when folks do need to turn to cars for travel, they’re still able to choose healthy options.”

Villivalam will work diligently to pass Senate Bill 3936 to work toward cleaner transportation throughout Illinois.