Sen. Villivalam

SPRINGFIELD - State Senator Ram Villivalam passed a measure through the Senate to extend dependent accident and health insurance benefits to parents.

“When children are caring for parents or stepparents, it is not always seamless to provide quality and comprehensive coverage for their medical needs,” said Villivalam (D-Chicago). “By expanding options for health care coverage, we are making sure that people have access to coverage that they deserve.”

Villivalam’s measure would require group or individual policies of accident and health insurance that provide dependent coverage to make such coverage available to parents or stepparents of the insured individual.

This coverage would only apply to parents or stepparents who receives at least six months of care from the insurance holder or who lives under the same roof as the insurance holder

“This measure not only aids in making sure people have access to the care that they deserve, but also allows for them to get that care without worrying about undue financial hardship,” said Villivalam.

House Bill 5258 passed the Senate on Thursday and now heads to the governor’s desk.