villivalam 052124SPRINGFIELD - State Senator Ram Villivalam is leading the charge in expanding the list of documents an employee can request from an employer, and how they can do so.

“Making sure that workers have necessary protections is important to prevent possible retaliation,” said Villivalam. “That’s why expanding the options for what documents they can request, and how they can request them, is vital.”

This measure would expand the list of documents an employee can request such as documents used to determine qualification of employment, contracts that are legally binding to the employee, handbooks, and any written employer policies or procedures.

The legislation also clarifies how an employee can request such records, including that a written request can include any electronic communications such as an email or text message.

“This measure expands the list of documents an employer can request – ensuring not only thorough protections for workers, but continued investments in the commitment to their rights in the workplace,” said Villivalam.

House Bill 3763 passed the Senate on Tuesday, and now heads to the governor’s desk.