villivalam 01282020CM0012rCHICAGO – State Senator Ram Villivalam (D-Chicago) has worked closely with members of the communities he represents to support people in need during the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To date, his office has provided and participated in:

  • Calls to more than 100,000 constituents to offer assistance and to answer questions

  • Regular newsletter updates, FAQs, and resource guides with the latest information

  • Wellness check calls made to 6,139 seniors, speaking with 855 of them to connect them to vital federal, state, and local services

  • Assisting on 122 COVID-19 related constituent cases, having resolved 64 of them

  • 59 food pantry/grocery deliveries

  • Creation of a GoFundMe that raised approximately $15,000 in support of local food pantries

  • Coordination of constituent services with other governmental offices and

  • Several online presentations and briefings with fellow local lawmakers and community leaders, including town halls on resources for small businesses, first responders, and schools. 

“People need the support of their elected officials more than ever during this unsettling time,” Villivalam said. “I encourage anyone in the 8th District who needs help and/or has suggestions on how we can help to reach out to my office.” 

To contact Villivalam and his staff, call (872) 208-5188 or visit his website,, to send an email.