blackcaucus 012920 2SPRINGFIELD—The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus (ILBC) responded to an incident in Kenosha, Wisc. where officers shot Jacob Blake in the back seven times at point blank range. The footage of the Sunday afternoon shooting has been shared widely, and has continued protests against police brutality across the country. Senate Majority Leader and Chair of the ILBC Kimberly A. Lightford (D-Maywood released the following statement:

“Mr. Blake exemplified community by taking the initiative to deescalate a domestic dispute, and somehow he ended up being shot by an officer multiple times. I do not know how to explain that, but I do know that this is not what public safety looks like.

“Learning that Mr. Blake’s children witnessed their father’s shooting is infuriating and deeply heartbreaking. I hate the idea that they now have this horrendous trauma to deal with, and I hope Mr. Blake recovers so they can have their father for years to come. We extend our prayers to Mr. Blake and all of his loved ones as he fights to recover from this tragedy.

“The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus continues to push for an end to police brutality and equity for Black people across our state, and we hope to inspire changes in our neighboring states and across our country.”