hunter 012221SPRINGFIELD – Though the health care pillar of the Black Caucus’ agenda to end systemic racism didn’t pass the General Assembly last week due to a technical issue, State Senator Mattie Hunter (D-Chicago) has vowed to continue fighting toward a more equitable and inclusive health care system in Illinois.

“The fight for equal access to health care isn’t over,” Hunter said. “I plan to reintroduce and pass the health care agenda this spring.

In addition to increasing the accessibility of health care, the legislation would also put a halt on hospital closures, reform Medicaid managed care organizations, and advance community health worker certification and reimbursement.

Decreasing maternal and infant mortality, mental health and substance abuse, and medical implicit bias are also major goals of the Black Caucus health pillar.

“The measures in this legislation, such as a moratorium on hospital closures and the expansion of mental health and substance abuse treatments, can save lives,” Hunter said. “It will also radically transform our health care system, which is something my colleagues and I have worked toward for a long time.”

The Senate is set to reconvene again Tuesday, February 9th.